USAC Members

James Wright (Chair)

Term ends 9/30/19

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Rutgers University
Phone: 848-445-3445

Beth Christensen

Term ends 9/30/18

School of Earth and Environment

Rowan University
Phone: 516-877-4174

Susan DeBari

Term ends 9/30/19
Department of Geology

Western Washington University

Phone: 360-650-3588

Eric Ferré

Term ends 9/30/20
School of Geosciences

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Phone: 618-453-7368

Jessica Labonté

Term ends 9/30/20
Marine Biology Dept.

Texas A&M University
Phone: 409-740-4921

David Mallinson

Term ends 9/30/20
Department of Geological Sciences

East Carolina University

Phone: 252-328-1344

Natascha Riedinger

Term ends 9/30/19
Boone Pickens School of Geology

Oklahoma State University
Phone: 405-744-3635

Will Sager

Term ends 9/30/20
Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Houston
Phone: 713-743-3108

Amelia Shevenell

Term ends 10/31/18
College of Marine Science

University of South Florida
Phone: 727-553-3372

Marta Torres

Term ends 9/30/19
College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State University
Phone: 541-737-2902

USAC Subcommittees


  • Staffing: Marta Torres (Chair), Eric Ferré, Natascha Riedinger, Amelia Shevenell
  • Workshops, Nominations, and Pre-drilling Activities: Beth Christensen (Chair), Jessica Labonté, David Mallinson
  • Education and Outreach: Susan DeBari (Chair), Will Sager