School of Rock


Hands-on Research Experiences for Earth and Ocean Science Educators


USSSP periodically sponsors seagoing Earth systems research and education workshops—the “School of Rock”—aboard the JOIDES Resolution. During times when the ship is unavailable, the School of Rock is conducted at the Gulf Coast Repository, located at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, or other institutions. Over 100 formal and informal educators have participated in the School of Rock program since it was initiated in 2005.


During the 7-10 day School of Rock event, educators have daily opportunities to conduct geological, physical and/or chemical analyses of sediment and hard-rock cores in laboratories on the ship or at the repository. Scientists who specialize in IODP research instruct participants on topics such as seafloor spreading, mid-ocean ridges, composition and structure of the oceanic crust, paleomagnetism, paleoceanography, biostratigraphy, sedimentology, hydrogeology, and methods for sampling the subseafloor environment. The workshop also provides educators with time to brainstorm and begin planning classroom activities based on their research and newly acquired knowledge.



Application Process


When School of Rock events are open for applications, they are announced in this space and on the JOIDES Resolution education page. Application materials include:


  • A completed application form
  • Current resume or CV
  • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor, principal or other colleague




Previous School of Rock Workshops


  • Exploring Ocean Cores and Climate Connections (29 May-6 June 2016, JOIDES Resolution)
  • Understanding Earth Through Ocean Cores (8-14 June 2014, Indiana University of PA)
  • Investigating Earth’s History and the Deep Biosphere 20-30 May, 2013, JOIDES Resolution)
  • Exploring Ocean Cores and the Geology of the Pacific Northwest (1-9 April 2013, JOIDES Resolution)
  • Introduction to Curriculum on Climate History for Minority Serving Institution Faculty (4-7 June 2012, Gulf Coast Repository)
  • Ship to Shore Science (23 May-2 June 2012, JOIDES Resolution)
  • SOR Reunion (31 July-2 August 2011, JOIDES Resolution, Curacao)
  • Cascadia CORK (5-17 September 2010, JOIDES Resolution)
  • Cores, CORKS and Hydrology on the Juan de Fuca Ridge (23 June-5 July 2009,JOIDES Resolution)
  • School of Rock 2008: Using Ocean Cores to Explore Past Climate Change (6-13 July 2008, Gulf Coast Repository)
  • School of Rock 2007: Exploring Ocean Cores (22-28 July 2007, Gulf Coast Repository)
  • School of Rock 2005: An oceangoing research experience for Earth and Ocean science teachers (29 October-14 November 2005, JOIDES Resolution)



Additional Information


Interested parties are encouraged to contact USSSP Educator Sharon Cooper at Information on additional IODP-related education and outreach activities can also be found on the JOIDES Resolution Educator Resources page.