Anatomy of a Long-Lived Oceanic Arc: Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc System and Analogs

Time: October 27 – November 2, 2019


Location: Izu Peninsula, Japan


Lead Organizers: Cathy Busby (University of California at Davis) and Harue Masuda (Osaka City University)


Workshop Organizers and Moderators: Susan DeBari (Western Washington University), Patricia Fryer (University of Hawai’i), Yasuhiko Ohara (Hydrographic & Oceanographic Department of Japan), Mark Reagan (University of Iowa), John Shervais (Utah State University), and Yoshihiko Tamura (JAMSTEC)


Deadline to Apply: May 1, 2019


Questions? Contact Cathy Busby or Harue Masuda with questions about the workshop. Send application materials to Cathy Busby.

IBM Arc System
  • Review results of extensive drilling by four recent IODP expeditions.


  • Review other (non-drilling) approaches used to study the Izu-Bonin-Mariana (IBM) system.


  • Present mantle and ocean floor drilling objectives in other systems and synthesize these with IBM results and goals.


  • Make comparisons with arc and ophiolite field analogs around the globe.


  • Identify avenues for future collaborative research.

Synthesize results in IBM arc system and analogous modern systems as well as outcrop analogs. This will be done with interspersed talks, panel discussions, poster pitches and poster displays over the first two days.


Mid-week field trip to examine Izu arc rocks, to allow participants a break from the conference room and encourage informal discussion.


Target thematic and geographic areas for collaborative research papers, synthesis papers, and new research proposals. Identify multidisciplinary themes and goals for breakout groups, which report back to the entire group with presentations. Possible themes include:

  • Oceanic arc tectonics, petrology and geochemistry, structural geology, geochronology. Geophysics of crustal structure and subducting slabs.
  • Slab geodynamics.
  • Geology of submarine volcanoes and volcano flanks.
  • Submarine eruption and depositional processes.
  • Field analogs: Ophiolites, oceanic arc terranes, and subduction zones.
  • Serpentinite mud volcanoes, forearc seeps and microbial communities.
  • Volcaniclastic deposits and depositional systems.
  • Volcanic ash.
  • Hydrothermal vents and VHMS deposits.

The workshop will be held October 29 – November 2, 2019, at Hotel Laforet Shuzenji, Izu Peninsula, Japan. This is a traditional Japanese-style conference facility, with Japanese-style rooms. Western-style rooms very limited.


Cost: Estimated US$1,000/person, that includes: registration, six nights lodging, meals and mid-week field trip, and hot spring fee.


Size: 120 participants, maximum


For transportation, participants will likely fly to Tokyo and take the train from Tokyo to Shuzenji (130 minutes), connecting with a courtesy bus (25 minutes) or taxi (20 minutes) to Hotel Laforet Shuzenji. Additional details related to travel and lodging will be sent to invited workshop participants.

All interested participants should send application materials to to Cathy Busby ( by May 1, 2019. Applications should be a single PDF that contains:


(a) a 2-page CV or biographical sketch (including a summary of education, previous and current appointments, list of five most relevant publications and five additional papers, as well as any community activities and service, such as committee or editorial work, etc); and


(b) a 1-page statement of interest.


(c) Students must include a letter of support (max. one page long) from their advisor.


Length requirements for CV, statement and letter will be strictly enforced. We will review applications and send invitations by the end of May 2019.


We vigorously recruit researchers who do not normally participate in IODP projects, including field geologists and modelers. Every participant’s voice will be heard. Early career scientists are especially encouraged to apply.


Participation support is available from the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) for a limited number of participants from U.S. institutions and organizations. Letters of support will be sent by the end of May 2019.


Participation support for a limited number of international participants will need to be provided by individuals or IODP member countries. Interested applicants from non-U.S. institutions should contact their IODP Program Member Office to inquire about participation support.