Letter from the USAC Chair

January, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

With planning for the next drilling program underway on multiple fronts, I would like to invite your input to the U.S. Advisory Committee for Scientific Ocean Drilling (USAC).  USAC is a 12-member representative body that advises the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP) on programmatic and policy issues.  We represent you, and your input is crucial for making meaningful recommendations on behalf of the U.S. scientific ocean drilling community.

USAC’s mandate includes internal communications within the U.S. IODP community and advocacy to decision makers and the public concerning the achievements and importance of scientific ocean drilling. There is a natural synergy between these efforts and outreach directed towards planning for the next drilling program.

At our next meeting on February 10-12, 2010, USAC will focus on science support challenges in the current program and on coordinating the communications activities aimed at planning for the next drilling program. We will discuss these issues with USSSP staff, NSF program managers, and Susan Humphris (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), who will be providing strategic community leadership in the U.S. efforts toward the renewal of scientific ocean drilling.

USAC welcomes your input into this process, and I encourage you to contact me or other USAC members with your comments or suggestions.

Best Regards,

Liz Screaton
USAC Chair