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Expedition 399 (Atlantis Massif: Building Blocks of Life): The International Ocean Discovery Program drilling expedition to the Atlantis Massif will investigate one of the scientifically exciting places on Earth. Scientists will be investigating the conditions that may have been present on early Earth, as well as the life cycle of an oceanic core complex, directly sampling mantle rocks and gabbros. See the full Press Release here.

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We have an extensive multimedia collection, from high-resolution stills (Searchable Photo Portal) to a wide range of video footage (YouTube The JOIDES Resolution).

Please contact us if you are looking for something in particular.

Review our published video content, for example our series of video shorts on different careers in scientific ocean drilling, starting with:

Lab Coats and Hardhats: The People Behind the Expeditions in Scientific Ocean Drilling 

Search an extensive gallery of still images for the one that hits the mark for your piece!


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