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Expedition 389 drill sites shown on a 3D bathymetric map of Hawai'i.


Expedition 389 (Hawai’ian Drowned Reefs): A look back at environmental change throughout geologic history can tell us a lot about the future – especially when it comes to globally and societally important topics such as sea level, climate change and coral reef ecosystem health. Expedition 389, carried out on behalf of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) aboard a mission-specific platform, aims to recover a record of past climate and reef conditions off the coast of Hawai’i (USA).

See the full Press Release here.

Map showing Expedition 400 primary and alternate drill sites off the west coast of Greenland.

Expedition 400 (NW Greenland Glaciated Margin): If fully melted, the Greenland Ice Sheet has the potential to raise sea level by >7 meters, yet we know very little about its long-term responses to past climate warming or its role in Earth’s climate system. The International Ocean Discovery Program drilling expedition to Baffin Bay will analyze sedimentary archives of warm and cold periods from the last ~30 million years to better understand what influences the Greenland Ice Sheet over a range of timescales.

See the full Press Release here.

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