Letter from the USAC Chair

July, 2011

Dear Colleagues,

I was very impressed with the strong community voice concerning the JOIDES Resolution schedule. Although the cost of transit to the Southern Alaska Margin expedition still requires its delay to 2013, IODP commingled funds have allowed Expedition 342 “Newfoundland Paleogene and Cretaceous Sediment Drifts” to be put on the schedule for June-August 2012. A call for participation will come out shortly.

From a broader perspective, a very important current issue in the U.S. is the current threat to funding of science in general. In the present budget situation, it is difficult to know what will be targeted for cuts. I’d like to draw your attention to efforts such as those from AGU.  Options range from just a minute or two to sign a petition to visiting your congressperson. The website also provides useful talking points about the importance of science to future of our country.

Best Regards,

Liz Screaton
USAC Chair
USAC Membership