Letter from the USAC Chair

March, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

The U.S. Advisory Committee for Scientific Ocean Drilling (USAC) met last month in Austin, Texas. We had a fruitful meeting with enthusiastic discussions about recent expeditions, science support, education and outreach, and activities aimed at planning for the next drilling program.

USAC members spoke at length with Susan Humphris (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), who has begun providing strategic community leadership in the U.S. planning efforts for the post-2013 program.  Susan will work closely with USAC and NSF as she and a small group — consisting of Peter deMenocal, Katrina Edwards, Andy Fisher, and Demian Saffer — develop resources for and present briefings about the new program. To find out more about the renewal work, timeline, and progress on the structure, please visit the website of the International Working Group Plus (IWG+).

What can you do to help ensure the future success of scientific ocean drilling?  Obviously, you should continue to do great science. You should also take every opportunity to inform others within and outside your community about your science.  This will benefit ocean drilling, the geosciences, your department, and your career.  Not sure where to start?  USSSP has resources to help you communicate, engage, and educate your peers and community leaders.

USAC welcomes your input into this process and I encourage you to contact me or other USAC members with your comments or suggestions.

Best Regards,
Liz Screaton
USAC Chair, screaton@ufl.edu
USAC Membership