USAC Members

Rebecca Robinson (Chair)

Term ends 9/30/23
Graduate School of Oceanography

University of Rhode Island
Phone: 401-874-6569

Stefanie Brachfeld

Term ends 9/30/2024
College of Science and Mathematics

Montclair State University

Phone: 973-655-5129

Stephanie Carr

Term ends 9/30/23

Dept. of Biology

Hartwick College
Phone: 607-431-4410

Bernie Coakley

Term ends 9/30/24 
Dept. of Geosciences

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Phone: 907-474-5385

Justin Dodd

Term ends 9/30/23
Dept. of Geology & Environmental Sciences

Northern Illinois University

Phone: 815-753-1943

Laura Guertin

Term ends 9/30/24 
Dept. of Earth Sciences

Penn State Brandywine
Phone: 610-892-1427

Michael Gurnis

Term ends 9/30/23
Seismological Laboratory

California Institute of Technology
Phone: (626) 395-6979

Sidney Hemming

Term ends 9/30/24 
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Phone: 845-365-8417

Priyank Jaiswal

Term ends 9/30/24 
Boone Pickens School of Geology

Oklahoma State University

Phone: 405-744-6358

Cecilia McHugh

Term ends 9/30/23
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Queens College, CUNY
Phone: 718-997-3322

Mitch Schulte

Term ends 9/30/22
Planetary Science Division

Phone: 202-358-2127

C. Geoff Wheat

Term ends 9/30/22
Institute of Marine Science

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Phone: 831-633-7033

Yige Zhang

Term ends 9/30/24 
Dept. of Oceanography

Texas A&M University
Phone: 979-845-4978

USAC Subcommittees


  • Staffing: Mike Gurnis (Chair), Sidney Hemming, C. Geoff Wheat, Yige Zhang
  • Workshops, Nominations, and Pre-drilling Activities: Cecilia McHugh (Chair), Stephanie Carr, Bernie Coakley, Justin Dodd
  • Science Communication: Mitch Schulte (Chair), Stefanie Brachfeld, Laura Guertin, Priyank Jaiswal