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  • Please provide your contact information, select up to three Ocean Discovery Lectures that you are interested in hosting, and provide proposed dates for the lecture. Please contact Nicole Kurtz (nkurtz@ldeo.columbia.edu) if you have any questions.

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Select Ocean Discovery Lecturers

  • Valier Galy The chilling effect of mountain growth: Cenozoic insights from the Asian submarine fans
    Jessica LaBonté Some like it hot! Microbial communities inhabiting hydrothermal systems
    David W. Peate Magmatism at rifted margins: the story from drilling in the South China Sea
    Lisa Tauxe Hunting the magnetic field through ocean drilling
    Julia Wellner Waxing and waning of an ice sheet: Records from the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica
    Jim Wright Development of modern ocean circulation during the Cenozoic