Workshop for Scientific Drilling in the Indian Ocean Crust and Mantle

May 13-16, 2015
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA
Convener: Henry Dick


This two day workshop for the SloMo project will be held together with a separate two-day workshop funded by China for a separate Chinese-funded crustal drilling leg on the SW Indian Ridge. Since there is considerable overlap in the scientific communities interested in both the Chinese proposal and the SloMo project, it made sense to hold these two workshops together. The workshop will provide a venue for review of the existing site survey data and to begin planning for the follow-on seismic surveys. In addition, the workshop would bring in senior and mid-career investigators, as well as early career scientists and graduate students outside the proponent group. The objective is to obtain their input in an open forum and to encourage expansion of the scientific objectives for the SloMo Phase 1 hole beyond those envisaged by the proponent group.

Workshop Report: Workshop-Report-NFC-FINAL.pdf