CORK Mini-Workshop

May 26, 2004 – Washington, DC
Convener: Keir Becker


Objectives of the CORK Mini-Workshop were to bring all involved participants (scientists, engineers, program managers) up to speed on various aspects of CORK installations as IODP begins. The discussions were intended to be less formal than those at the Downhole Tools workshop, in the sense that the overall objective was the discussions themselves, rather than production of a formal workshop report with specific recommendations. CORK hydrogeological observatories were an important scientific and engineering contribution of ODP, and a number of new design variations were developed during the final few years of ODP. A primary objective of the mini-workshop was to update all of the attendees on the various design possibilities and experiences in ODP, and then to brainstorm about possible applications in IODP. In addition, as the transition to IODP is being completed, different funding and support models are evolving for support of CORK science and operations, and an important second objective was to at least begin discussions on such issues.

Organizing Committee
Keir Becker, University of Miami