Costa Rica-Nicaragua Seismogenic Zone

December 1997 – San Francisco, California
Convener: Eli Silver


Previous international workshops have stressed the importance of understanding the mechanics of the seismogenic zone in subduction environments, and the SEIZE meeting recommended Costa Rica-Nicaragua as one of two highest priority regions for focused studies. Following these recommendations, a group of approximately 55 experts in different fields gathered to briefly review what is known, followed by discussion of what needs to be done to understand this process. The goals were to better define the nature of the seismogenic zone, to prioritize potential scientific studies, and to organize international teams to focus on different aspects of the structure and behavior of the seismogenic zone in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It is expected that proposals for research will be generated from these teams. In part, this work is a first step in the preparation for deep riser drilling into an active seismogenic zone.

JOI/USSAC Newsletter Article (pdf)

Eli Silver, University of California, Santa Cruz