Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP)

October 20-22, 2003 – Kiel, Germany
Convener: Roland Von Huene


Thirty-eight scientists from seven nations met in Kiel, Germany in October 2003 at the Forschungszentrum fur Marine Geowissenschaften (Geomar) to discuss a program to drill into the protoseismogenic zone, the second stage of the proposed Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP). The objective of this complex drilling project is to ultimately drill into the seismogenic zone. Much of the basic geophysical and geological survey data offshore of Costa Rica was acquired by German institutions, but is currently unpublished. Thus, the workshop was held at a convenient location where original data of the German Geological Survey (BGR), the University of Bremen, and Geomar could be displayed.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
Roland von Huene, University of California, Davis
Cesar Ranero, Forschungszentrum fur Marine Geowissenschaften
Paola Vannucchi, Universita di Firenze
Saneatsu Saito, Japan Marine Science & Technology Center