Cretaceous Resources, Events, and Rhythms

August 20-24, 1990 – Denver, Colorado
Convener: Michael Arthur


This workshop features a variety of scientific sessions and field excursions that revolve around the Cretaceous world – a global environment that differed greatly from that at present and for much of Neogene-Quarternary. The stipulation of this workshop is that significant insight into global sedimentary and environmental processes for a time of contrasting paleogeography, sea level, atmospheric and ocean chemistry and climate can be gained by multidisciplinary study of globally distributed Cretaceous sedimentary sequences. The purposes of the workshop are to summarize the progress in research to date, provide insights into the wealth of information on Cretaceous environments retained in the stratigraphic record, and to begin to organize an international agenda for Cretaceous Resources, Events, and Rhythms (CRER).

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
Michael Arthur (chair), University of Rhode Island
Walter Dean, U.S. Geological Survey
Donald Gautier, U.S. Geological Survey
Robert Weimer, Colorado School of Mines