Exploring Subseafloor Life with the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

October 3-5, 2006 โ€“ Vancouver, British Columbia
Convener: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Joint Oceanographic Institutions


The Subseafloor Life workshop brought together microbiologists, biogeochemists, geologists, and other scientists to consider how greater understanding of subseafloor life can be advanced through the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. The workshop objectives were to outline major science questions, identify possible scientific drilling targets in the ocean floor, discuss required protocols and technology developments, and develop collaborative relationships. More Information

Workshop Products

Scientific Drilling Report
Eos Article

Steering Committee

Steven Dโ€™Hondt (co-chair), University of Rhode Island
Fumio Inagaki (co-chair), JAMSTEC
Bo Barker Joergensen, Max-Planck Institute โ€“ Bremen
Kenji Kato, Shizuoka University
Paul Kemp, SUNY Stony Brook
Patricia Sobecky, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mitchell Sogin, Marine Biological Laboratory
Ken Takai, JAMSTEC