Geochemistry Progress and Opportunities

January 1990 – Los Angeles, California
Convener: Garrett Brass, Miriam Kastner


The report of the Geochemistry Progress and Opportunities Workshop identified important geochemical themes and questions that emerged from the meeting’s working group discussions.  The five themes are: alteration of the crust at high temperatures, alteration of the crust at low temperatures, processes at convergent margins, passive margin processes, and carbon fluxes reservoirs and processes.  The report also discusses specific recommendations for drilling strategies, downhole measurements, exploitation of holes after drilling and new sample collection and analysis techniques. The recommendations involve deep drilling into the oceanic crust, deep drilling into subduction zones and passive margins, and instrumentation of holes and instrument development.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
Miriam Kastner, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Garrett Bass, University of Miami