GeoPRISMS Planning Workshop for the New Zealand Primary Site

April 15-17, 2013 – Wellington, New Zealand
Convener: Laura Wallace


The GeoPRISMS Steering and Oversight Committee is pleased to announce a workshop to develop a detailed implementation plan for the NSF GeoPRISMS New Zealand Primary Site. New Zealand was chosen as a primary site because all of the GeoPRISMS Subduction Cycles and Deformation (SCD) themes can be addressed particularly well at the Hikurangi/Kermadec and Fiordland subduction zones. The SCD themes include arc magmatism and volatile cycling, subduction initiation, subduction margin deformation processes (both seismic-cycle and longer timescales), and links between surface processes and subduction margin tectonics. In addition to serving as an excellent natural laboratory for modern subduction processes, New Zealand also offers opportunities to investigate an exhumed Paleozoic to Mesozoic subduction system. More Information

Workshop Conveners
Susan Ellis, GNS Science
Adam Kent, Oregon State University
Nicola Litchfield, GNS Science
Kathleen Marsaglia, California State University at Northridge
Jeff Marshall, California State University at Pamona
Demian Saffer, Pennsylvania State University
Susan Schwartz, University of California, Santa Cruz
Laura Wallace, University of Texas at Austin
Richard Wysoczanski, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research