North Pacific (NORPAC) Drilling

September 1985 – Seattle, Washington
Convener: David Scholl


The general purpose of ODP drilling in the north Pacific-Bering Sea region—NORPAC—is to gain by advanced drilling and subsurface sampling and recording techniques a great improvement in knowledge of its geologic record and evolution.  The NORPAC Conference was therefore organized so that knowledgeable scientists could gather and pools their information about important tectonic, igneous, depositional, and paleoenvironmental problems recorded in the NORPAC region, and how answers to them could be effectively pursued by a scientific drilling program of the JOIDES R/V Resolution.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Steering Committee

David Scholl
James Ingle, Jr.
David Engebretson
Stephen Graham
Gerta Keller
Robin Riddihough
Tracy Vallier
Roland von Huene
Michael Underwood