Ocean Drilling and Tectonic Frames of Reference

April 30-May 1, 1988 – College Station, Texas
Convener: Donna Jurdy, Richard Carlson, William Sager


Discussing the role of ODP in research on plate tectonic reference frames, four different reference frames were discussed at the workshop: (1) the paleomagnetic field, (2) hotspots, (3) relative plate motions, and (4) paleoenvironmental paleolatitude indicators. Ocean drilling is a tool of primary importance for studying the paleomagnetic field of hotspots.  Better relative motion models are also badly needed, but the problem is largely one of obtaining more marine geophysical data (magnetic lineation patters, fracture zone trends, etc) to document sea floor spreading histories along specific plate boundaries, with drilling as a supplemental tool. Though potentially significant for constraining models based on other frames of reference, environmental indicators of paleolatittude lack sufficient accuracy to justify extensive drilling efforts.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Commitee
Richard Carlson, Texas A&M University
William Sager, Texas A&M University
Donna Jurdy, Northwestern University