ODP Log Data Quality Control

April 13-14, 1989 – Washington, DC
Convener: Paul Worthington, Roy Wilkens


Since the inception of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) in 1983, the role of downhole measurements has steadily grown to become an important and integral part of the overall scientific drilling effort.  This growth can be attributed to two complementary factors; an increasing rate of acquisition of wireline logging data and a wider appreciation of the scientific benefits of downhole measurements as a whole.  These data are providing vital pointers in our drive to learn more about the Earth’s structure and history as it is revealed beneath the oceans.

This workshop was held to review the acquisition, storage, and shipboard processing of wireline logging data collected during the first four years of the Ocean Drilling Program. The stated purpose of the workshop was “to evaluate the impact of shipboard logging practices on log data quality by identifying problematic areas and recommending ways in which these might be improved.”

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee

Roy Wilkens, University of Hawaii
Paul Worthington, BP Research Centre