Ophiolites and Ocean Crust, GSA Penrose Conference

September 13-17, 1998 – Tamales Bay, California
Convener: Yildirim Dilek


A Geological Society of America (GSA) Penrose Conference on ophiolites and oceanic crust brought together a multidisciplinary group of 86 international geoscientists in Marshall, California, from September 13 to 17, 1998. It was jointly sponsored by JOI/USSSP, the National Science Foundation’s Marine Geology and Geophysics Program, and GSA. The purpose of the conference was to: 1) reevaluate existing models of oceanic crust generation, ophiolite formation and ophiolite-ocean crust analogy; 2) explore the possibility of reaching a new consensus on the architecture of oceanic lithosphere; and 3) discuss the significance of ophiolites and oceanic crust for past and present plate tectonic processes.

GSA Today Workshop Report (pdf)

Yildirim Dilek, Miami University of Ohio
Eldridge Moores, University of California, Davis