Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology of the Southern Ocean

January 21-23, 2005 – Boulder, Colorado
Convener: Detlef Warnke, Gabe Filippelli


One of the greatest successes of the Ocean Drilling Program has been the exciting results recovered from the Southern Ocean, which was the focus of ten DSDP/ODP drilling legs. The Southern Ocean is a critical component in the development and persistence of Antarctic glaciation, is a sensitive mixing pool of global water masses, a locus of high biological sedimentation, and contains high resolution records of climate forcing and response. The focus of this Synthesis Workshop is on the biogeochemical history of the Southern Ocean, including:

  • Productivity proxies, rates, records, variations, and role of climate
  • Sedimentary records of organic carbon, calcium, silica, nutrients, and biogenic proxies:
  • The role of the Southern Ocean as a biogeochemical sink
  • Development and dynamics of the APFZ
  • Thermal structure and evolution of the Southern Ocean
  • The role of limiting nutrients

Workshop Products
Workshop Report – short (pdf)
Workshop Report – long (pdf)
In addition to the workshop report, a set of synthesis papers (and a few new studies) was published in a special issue of Deep Sea Research II (2007).

Organizing Committee
Detlef Warnke, California State University Hayward
Gabe Filippelli, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Jose Abel Flores, University of Salamanca
Tom Marchitto, University of Colorado at Boulder