Paleogene Paleoceanography

January 4-6, 1991 – Lake Arrowhead, California
Convener: James Zachos, Lowell Stott


The recovery of high-quality Paleogene sequences by the Ocean Drilling Program over the past several years has lead to an increased interest in Paleogene Paleoceanography. The contrast between the Paleogene and the modern climate/ocean systems are profound and limit the extent to which the Present can be viewed as a key to the Past. However, the Past may provide some key to the Future. The climate transitions that occurred during the Paleogene, and the biotic and oceanographic changes coupled with them, provide an accessible record of the environmental consequences of global warming. To access and understand that record, however, requires a coordinated interdisciplinary scientific plan. Such a plan was initiated at this workshop.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Lowell Stott, University of Southern California
James Zachos, University of Michigan