Paleomagnetic Objectives for ODP

September 4-7, 1986 – Davis, California
Convener: Kenneth Verosub


From the very beginning, paleomagnetic studies have been an important component of the Deep Sea Drilling Program.  However, with the development of the Advanced Hydraulic Piston Corer (APC) and the Extended Core Barrel (XCB) as well as with improvements in hard rock drilling capabilities, the potential contributions of paleomagnetic studies to the Ocean Drilling Program have increased substantially.  At the same time, these technical improvements provide paleomagnetists with new opportunities for the study of fundamental geophysical problems.  The purpose of this report is to identify research objectives which can be addressed by paleomagnetic studies, to evaluate the present paleomagnetic capabilities of the JOIDES Resolution, and to recommend changes which will facilitate the achievement of those research objectives.

Workshop Report (pdf)


Kenneth Verosub, University of California, Davis
Maureen Steiner, University of Wyoming
Neil Opdyke, University of Florida