Robotic Underwater Drills in Marine Geological Research

November 3-4, 2000 – College Station, Texas
Convener: Henry Dick, Patricia Fryer, Paul Johnson, Will Sage


Twenty-five scientists and engineers, representing a variety of academic institutions and scientific interests, met to discuss how to bring about ready access to robotic underwater drills for scientists engaged in academic research. Although there were attendees from Europe and Canada, the primary focus was on the needs of U.S. marine geologic research. After listening to keynote presentations about past or existing drill systems, the attendees addressed the following questions:

  • What science problems require or would benefit from robotic underwater drills?
  • What drill capabilities and specifications are required to accomplish the science goals?
  • How many and what types of drills are needed?
  • How should robotic drills and their technical staff be supported?
  • How can a new drill become a “proven” tool?

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
William Sager, Texas A&M University
Henry Dick, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institutions
Patricia Fryer, University of Hawaii at Manoa
H. Paul Johnson, University of Washington