Science Opportunities Created by Wireline Reentry of Deep-Sea Boreholes

February 23-24, 1987 – La Jolla, California
Convener: Fred Spiess, Marcus Langseth


The workshop focused on the scientific opportunities that would be created if a reliable and affordable technology to achieve re-entry of existing deep-sea boreholes were available to the US geoscience community. Discussions focused on experiments and measurements that a re-entry system that could be operated from a conventional research ship would make possible.

The number of re-entry holes where the probability is high of lowering an instrument to 75% of the original depth is small. However, the open holes are mostly deep crustal boreholes, which would make rewarding targets for further downhole science. Other re-entry holes could be made ready for re-entry by the drill ship if it cleared the hole of sediment bridges and stabilized it with special muds or casing. Future ODP drilling could provide many more opportunities for downhole experiments and measurements by taking steps to stabilize the hole walls for re-entry before the drill ship leaves the site.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
Marcus Langseth, Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory
Fred Spiess, Scripps Institution of Oceanography