Scientific Ocean Drilling Workshop: Multidisciplinary Transect Drilling During Transits

November 11-13, 2013 – College Station, Texas
Convener: Brandi Reese, Damon Teagle, Debbie Thomas, Gail Christeson


A goal for the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is to develop more efficient ship tracks that minimize transits and maximize scientific output in relation to time and cost. Carefully conceived flow line transects that serve as transits have the potential to address multiple 2013-2023 IODP Science Plan challenges, because a number of high priority science objectives such as high resolution paleoclimate records or the aging of the ocean crust and the consequent impacts on basement physical properties, hydrogeology, and the deep biosphere, require transects of boreholes across ocean basins. We convened a workshop to sketch out nascent multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary transect drilling proposals to exploit the potential transits of the JOIDES Resolution drillship between or within large basins.

Workshop Report (PDF; 14.5MB)

Steering Committee:
Debbie Thomas, Texas A&M University
Gail Christeson, University of Texas at Austin
Damon Teagle, University of Southampton
Brandi Reese, University of Southern California