Short Course on Shipboard Sedimentology: Data Collection, Integration, and Synthesis

October 1-4, 2012 – College Station, Texas
Convener: Joel Johnson


Comprehensive shipboard core description and data integration in the sedimentology lab during IODP expeditions provides a fundamental framework for the science party as they work toward the expedition objectives. It is primarily during this shipboard time that the cores are systematically described and sampled, and the characteristics of the stratigraphy resolved and integrated with paleontological, paleomagnetic, physical property, geochemical, and seismic reflection data sets. This work provides the science team with a record of what the cores contain; where there are interesting occurrences and transitions in primary composition, diagentic mineralization, deformation and biostratigraphic data; and the timescale over which these changes occur.

This short course on shipboard sedimentology covered marine sedimentary processes and products, smear slide and coarse fraction petrography, core logging and synthesis into DescLogik, and integration of sedimentology data with physical property, biostratratigraphy, and geochemistry data. The course took place October 1-4, 2012 at the IODP Gulf Coast Repository in College Station, Texas.