The Effects of Triple Junction Interactions at Convergent Plate Margins

April 22-26, 1994 – Eureka, California
Convener: David Prior, Terry Pavlis, Virginia Sisson


The goal of the conference was to gather together earth scientists from a variety of disciplines to determine if there are distinguishing features of different classes of triple junction interaction.  The primary goal was to bring together groups working on ancient systems and presently active systems to compare observations from these diverse data sources.  That goal was achieved by the attendance of international participants from seven countries, as well as fifteen students from the U.S. and abroad.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Report Authors
Terry Pavlis, University of New Orleans
Michael Underwood, University of Missouri
Virginia Sisson, Rice University
Laura Serpa, University of New Orleans
David Prior, University of Liverpool
Kathleen Marsaglia, University of Texas at El Paso
Stephen Lewis, U.S. Geological Survey
Tim Byrne, University of Connecticut