Western Pacific Arc, Trench, Backarc Systems

June 25-28, 1985 – La Jolla, California
Convener: James Hawkins

This workshop was convened to develop a science plan for the study of the active arc-trench-backarc systems of the Western Pacific. The conference proceeded in three phases.  First the conferees discussed the general nature of the geological evolution of intro-oceanic are-trench-backarc systems and drew up a list of problems that need further study in order to improve our understanding of crustal evolution in these systems.  The second phase of the meeting was devoted to considering various regions where the major problems could be studied.  Four regions were selected as being the most promising in terms of the problems needing further study and in view of the extensive geologic data that exists.  The final phase of the meeting resulted in compilation of a list of proposed drill sites, in each of the four regions, that would provide very important data to help answer some of the fundamental problems discussed.

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee
James Hawkins, Scripps Institution of Oceanography