CoreWall Visualization

May 8-10, 2006 – Washington, DC
Convener: Emi Ito


The CoreWall Project consists of an integrated suite of software applications that is being developed with funding from NSF-OCE over the next two years as a data visualization environment to enhance interpretation of geoscientific data. Collectively, these applications are termed the CoreWall Suite (CWS) and areintended for use on all types of core materials including sediments, hard rocks, and ice cores. Prior to NSF funding, development has been driven by more “informal” collaborations between JOI, the LacCore facility at the University of Minnesota, National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics (NCED), ANDRILL, and the Electronic Visualization Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The shared goal in these collaborations was improved data and image visualization, which is at the heart of CoreWall. As an open source development project, it aims to empower individual users such as most lake core scientists or groups such as ANDRILL with a new set of powerful visualization tools that can be used easily, shared, and are customizable by the user community.

The CoreWall Consortium is hoping that the CWS provides a strong “visual” foundation that will significantly change and improve current approaches used for description and analysis of sediment and rock cores by integrating these activities. For that vision to become reality, further development of the CWS needs to be carried out in broad collaboration with stakeholders in these science communities. The Consortium needs to make sure that the software development does not occur independent of related IT activities, in particular, the development of the U.S. IODP-Phase 2 Scientific Ocean Drilling Vessel (SODV).

Workshop Report (pdf)

Organizing Committee

Emi Ito, University of Minnesota
CoreWall Consortium
CoreWall Steering Committee