ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging for IODP Science

Time: July 4 – 10, 2020

Location: University of Leicester, UK

Convener: The European Petrophysics Consortium (EPC)

Tutors/Instructors: International researchers from the IODP community

Deadline to Apply for U.S. Travel Support (2/21/20) has passed.

The “ECORD Summer School: Downhole Logging for IODP Science” introduces the interpretation and applications of downhole log data and physical properties data primarily from the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). The School explores the relevance and unique insights of these data for a range of fields including paleoclimatology, sedimentology, hydrology, as well as for broader geological and ecological processes such as sediment provenance and water column productivity.

The Summer School is open to applicants from all career stages and geoscience backgrounds. Content is aimed toward researchers who are early in their careers or who would like to utilize more petrophysical and physical properties data in their research. The Summer School provides an opportunity for participants eager to get more involved in IODP, as they learn about the program, its operations, and how to access and use data.

Introductory sessions on petrophysics, the study of physical (and chemical) properties of rocks and fluid-rock interactions, are at the heart of the Summer School. These principles are then used to gain insights into broader marine geoscience environments and processes through practical exercises that provide experience in interpreting log data and integrating log data with core and seismic data, using real-world case studies, and further software analysis.

Participants will gain experience in:

  • Data quality assessment
  • Data processing
  • Log interpretation
  • Stratigraphic correlation using downhole log data
  • Synthetic seismogram construction
  • Core- and sample-based data acquisition
  • Industry-standard log processing and interpretation software

The key aim of the Summer School is to equip course attendees with a working knowledge of downhole logging (well logging) and core physical properties data, the skills to assess data quality and usability for any geological setting or interpretation, and an understanding of how to analyze these data to enhance their research.

For more detailed information, visit the official webpage for the ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging.

Returning to the University of Leicester for the fifth year, the “ECORD Summer School: Downhole Logging for IODP Science” focuses on downhole logging within the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) and the applications of downhole measurements in various geoscientific fields, including paleoclimatology, sedimentology, and broader geological and ecological processes.

The “ECORD Summer School: Downhole Logging for IODP Science” is a 1-week long CPD-accredited course offering 36 hours of training in the core principles of petrophysics and downhole logging, from data collection to interpretation. The School will be hosted at the University of Leicester (UK) and will run from the 4th July to the 10th of July 2020.

The course’s instructors are international experts from the IODP community, combining in-class-room learning with hands-on activities and group exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to learn through lectures, practicals, and a mini-conference. The course also includes a mid-week field trip to a local wireline logging company and the British Geological Survey (BGS) core store. The summer school will wrap-up with fundamental teaching on industry-standard software package Schlumberger’s Techlog, which is commonly used on all IODP platforms.

For more detailed information, visit the official webpage for the ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging.

The 5th Petrophysics Summer School will take place from Saturday, July 4 through Friday, July 10, 2020. It will be hosted in the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester, UKThe European Petrophysics Consortium and its collaborators offer this unique training opportunity for a summer school through the provision of technical and scientific expertise in the fields of downhole logging and core petrophysics. The majority of the course will take place on the main campus of the University of Leicester, with one local, off-site field trip day. There will also be a variety of evening social events across the city of Leicester.

For more detailed information, visit the official webpage for the ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging.

For more information and to apply for the ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging for IODP Science, please visit the official webpage for the ECORD Summer School 2020: Downhole Logging. The Summer School is open to applicants from the international community, but applications from early-career researchers (including PhD students) are particularly encouraged.

U.S.-affiliated students and researchers may also apply for travel support through the U.S. Science Support Program Application Portal. A limited number of travel grants are available. Priority may be given to individuals who are actively engaged in or interested in research using scientific ocean drilling data. To apply for U.S. travel support, complete an online application by February 21, 2020, following these steps

1.  Go to the USSSP Application Portal and sign up for an account (or login to an existing account)

2.  Click on “View Programs” (blue button); select the U.S. Travel Support program; then click “Create Submission”. Your application will be created.

3.  Complete the online application and demographics form, then click “Submit Application” at the bottom of the application task list page.

Applicants must be apply and be accepted to the summer school in order to receive travel support from USSSP.


Questions about the workshop: contact the European Petrophysics Consortium (University of Leicester)
Questions about applying for U.S. support: contact Angela Slagle (USSSP)