Workshop – Integrating Ocean Drilling and NASA Science

Time: April 2-4, 2024

Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Convener/Program Committee: Clive Neal (University of Notre Dame), Sean Gulick (University of Texas Institute for Geophysics), Charity Phillips-Lander (Southwest Research Institute), Mitch Schulte (NASA Headquarters), Ginger Sigmon (University of Notre Dame), Sonia Tikoo (Stanford University)

Deadlines to submit an abstract and to apply for travel support: February 16, 2024 (see Participation tab, below)

Registration deadline: March 1 (in-person); March 29 (virtual)

The is a strategic workshop that is designed to lay the foundation for a new partnership between NSF and NASA focused on scientific ocean drilling, which is aligned with the recent memorandum of understanding between the two federal agencies (Potter, 2021).

The goal of this workshop is to identify and build on the scientific synergies that NASA Earth and Planetary Science Divisions within the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) have with scientific ocean drilling and to explore using the United States scientific ocean drilling vessel and allied international drilling assets for joint research ventures. This goal is in response to the 2050 Science Framework: Exploring Earth by Scientific Ocean Drilling (2020; from the Scientific Ocean Drilling community) and the Science 2020-2024: A Vision for Scientific Excellence (2020; from NASA-SMD) documents. In both of these documents, collaborations with other agencies is welcomed and encouraged. Specifically, in the 2050 Science Framework, connections and collaborations between scientific ocean drilling and space agencies are specifically highlighted as an Enabling Element (Terrestrial to Extraterrestrial) in the period 2024-2050. NASA-SMD has also highlighted “Interconnectivity and Partnerships” as one of its priorities for science in the period 2020-2024 (Science 2020-2024, pages 20-22). Five strategies are outlined to enable this and strategies 3.2 (Actively seek collaborations with international partners based on their unique capabilities and mutual scientific goals) and 3.3 (Actively engage with other federal agencies to make more informed decisions, cooperate in scientific research, and pursue partnerships that further national interests) are particularly pertinent to forging linkages with scientific ocean drilling, which is international in nature.

Summary of Important Dates

  • Abstracts are welcome (due by February 16), but not required.
  • Travel support is available, upon application (by February 16).
  • Registration will be available through March 1st, for in-person attendance, and March 29th, for virtual participation.
  • Washington Plaza Hotel has reserved a block of rooms at a negotiated rate; reservation deadline is March 9th.

The Integrating Ocean Drilling and NASA Science: A Workshop to Explore Missions to Planet Earth workshop will be held on April 2–4, 2024 in Washington, D.C., at the Washington Plaza Hotel. In-person attendance (preferred) and virtual options will be available.

Attendees are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. Washington Plaza Hotel has reserved a block of 30 rooms at a negotiated rate of $179/night. The deadline for reserving these room is March 9, 2024.

Washington Plaza
10 Thomas Circle NW
Washington, D.C. 20005
Rate $179 ǀ Reservation Link 

Abstracts are welcome, but not required, and should address the synergies between NASA Earth & Planetary Science and Ocean Drilling research endeavors. For more information about abstract guidelines and how to submit, visit

Travel support is available for U.S.-based scientists, upon application. NASA and the U.S. Science Support Program are offering a limited number of travel stipends for in-person attendees. If there are more requests than available funding, preference may be given to early career researchers (defined as within 10 years of PhD). Stipends up to $2,100 are available. If selected to receive travel support, participants will be contacted with further information about booking travel.

Workshop participants should book their own hotel accommodation and claim these expenses after the meeting. Please note that the registration fee is not reimbursable. Post meeting reimbursement up to $2,100 will require proof of attendance and relevant receipts.

Workshop Registration information will be available soon.

Summary of Important Dates